"Geekshop" Yet Another Microservice Demo Project

4 September 2021 · Hasan Ozgan · 1 min, 187 words ·

I want to start a pet project for improving my infrastructure skills and applying patterns and practices without time pressure. For this I’ve inspired by Google Cloud Platform’s Microservice Demo. The Services are re-written with golang and they works on REST protocol.

I’ve chosen AWS as main platform. The services will run in a kubernetes cluster (EKS).

If you have any concerns, question or suggstion you can craete a issue on project github page.

Planned tech-stack;

- AWS (main platform)
- Lambdas
    - Cloud watch to kibana
    - Cloud watch to Slack (alerts)
    - Cloud watch to Grafana (alerts)
- RDS (Postgresql)
- ECR for container images
- S3
- Incognito
- EKS (kubernetes)
    - dev
        - apps & services
          - stubs (wiremock)
          - migrations (flyway)
          - configuration (pipeline / manifest etc..)
          - docker-compose
    - infrastructure
        - istio
        - opa
        - jaeger  (x-ray)
        - grafana (cloud-watch)
        - kibana (cloud-watch)
        - prometheus
        - pact.io
        - argo.cd
        - nexus
        - sonarqube
- Tools
    - Terraform

Now, I’m working on my golang scaffold project. My next blog entry will be about Clean Architecture for Golang. See you soon.