Software Engineer's Log is Starting

8 August 2023 · netologist · 1 min, 166 words ·

I’ve been struggling to accomplish a project I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. Throughout my life, I’ve undertaken numerous pet projects. I managed to see some of them through to the end, while others I couldn’t. When I initiate a project, I’ll be documenting my progress on the project here and won’t make alterations once it’s published, except for correcting typos.

The initial project on my mind is “” a concept for a development environment. This idea isn’t exactly novel; there are a few projects with similar concepts, such as PHP laravel/sail and vscode/devcontainers. In these projects utilize the docker as a development environment. The concept is akin, so we could categorize this project as an ensemble project. The ensemble’s members would be software tools like Colima, Docker, VSCode. You can find more detailed information about this project in the upcoming Software Engineer’s Log (SEL).

Let’s see how well I can bring this idea to fruition this time around. Only time will tell.