H.Ozgan has 10+ years experience in the IT sector. The main sectors that he worked for include: retail (e-commerce), telecom with vas solutions sms, finance, etc. H.Ozgan has experienced consulting for the last 5 years of his overall career at TW and had the chance to get involved in solving various technical and business problems in order to deliver to client’s goals and expectations.

He is passionate about system architectures, micro-services, event driven architecture, domain driven design and distributed systems on cloud.

Key Skills & Experience


ThoughtWorks - London - Consulting Company (May 2018 - Present)


Go, Java, Kotlin, Typescript, React/Redux, Kafka, Kubernetes

ThoughtWorks - Istanbul - Consulting Company (May 2015 - May 2018)


Go, Scala, Java, React/Redux, Kafka, Kubernetes - Istanbul - Betting Company (Dec 2012 - Apr 2015)

I have worked as consultant software developer the leader betting company in Turkey.

Java, Spring Framework, Oracle, PostgreSQL, JAX-RS, JAX-WS

Rocket Internet - Istanbul - Retail Company (Sep 2011 - Sep 2012)

I have worked in Rocket Internet as lead developer. I managed a small team (2 person). Our projects are about nich retails and an etsy clone.

PHP / Zend Framework, Java / Stripes Frameworks, PostgreSQL, jQuery

Telenity - Istanbul - Telecom Company (Nov 2010 - July 2011)

I have worked as senior portal developer in Telenity for their management dashboards.

Java, Servlet, Wicket, Struts, MySQL

Turkuvaz Media - Istanbul - Media Company (Nov 2009 - Nov 2010)

I have worked as senior developer in company about their newspaper content management system and telecom services (sms management etc…)

C#, ASP.NET, PHP and Zend Framework - Istanbul - Advertisement Company (Jul 2008 - Oct 2009)

I have worked as senior developer in company websites. I worked in monolith huge web system various jobs.

PHP, MySQL, Memcached, XCache, jQuery

Nexum Bogazici - Istanbul - Software House Company (Aug 2006 - Jun 2008)

I have worked as senior developer in software house company. I have worked for B/S/H Group (Bosh and Siemens) CMS project.


Parkyeri - Istanbul - Telecom Company (Oct 2004 – Jul 2006)

I have worked as a developer in companies various value added services for leader telecom company (Turkcell). And I experienced my first SOA project.

Java / Servlet, PHP / Web Urunu for CMS, C, jQuery