Overview of the Atolye.dev

12 August 2023 · netologist · 2 min, 225 words ·

Atolye is a term that means “atelier” and it’s a Turkish word. This project seems to be a combination of laravel/sail and vscode/devcontainers projects. I aim to incorporate the needs I noticed while using “sail” into this project. Shortly I inspired them.

Atolye is a standalone tool. To use it in your projects, you only need to include a file named atolye.yaml. Atolye will read this file and automatically generate necessary installation files like Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml.

An draft example atolye.yaml file could look like the following:

  version: 0.1
    name: gmail
    namespace: google
    team: jedimind
      - 3000:80

      name: go-node/1.0 # for cache
        - coreutils
        - name: go
          version: 1.21.0
        - name: node
          version: 18
        - scripts: |
            apt-get install -y <my-favorite-app>            

      - redis
      - name: postgresql
        version: 15
          databases: [users]
          user: psql
          pass: admin

When you initiate the project with the atolye application, SSL certificates will be generated for your project, and it will be accessible at https://gmail.google.test.

Project requirements (for now):

This is an experimental project and due to resource limitations, it’s currently tailored for computers with an Apple chipset. The website and its address will be atolye.dev, but it’s still under construction.