Let's start the project

25 April 2020 · netologist · 2 min, 263 words ·


I’ve got a domain for that project. Domain is ac.tivi.st. I think so good that is good name for a calendar/event application project. I’ll use AWS platform for cloud requirement. Besides, each service’s project structure will be clean architecture style.

As the first step, I want to create a simple working version.

Domain Setup with Terraform

Firstly, I created new repo for infrastructure. After I applied, terraform project layout like below;

└── aws
    ├── modules
    │   ├── cognito-userpool
    │   ├── eks-cluster
    │   └── vpc
    └── providers
        ├── 010-route53
        ├── 020-vpc
        ├── 030-eks
        └── 040-cognito-userpool

First I’ve created DNS setup for tivi.st domain.

resource "aws_route53_zone" "main" {
  name = "tivi.st"

resource "aws_route53_record" "blog" {
  zone_id = aws_route53_zone.main.zone_id
  name    = "hack"
  type    = "CNAME"
  ttl     = "1800"
  records = ["ac-tivi-st.github.io."]

output "namespaces" {
  description = "domain ns"
  value       = join(",", aws_route53_zone.main.name_servers)

The terraform supports workspaces for environments (dev, staging, prod etc…)

Firstly, you need login to terraform.io. After for remote state management you need below lines.

terraform {
    backend "remote" {
        organization = "{your-organization}"
        workspaces {
            prefix = "{your-prefix}-"

terraform commands:

$ terraform login
$ terraform workspace new <ENV>
$ terraform init
$ terraform plan
$ terraform apply

Tip: If you want to keep terraform state only, you should change Execution Mode as local at https://app.terraform.io/app/{your-organization}/workspaces/{your-prefix}-dev/settings/general address.

Next Steps

We will continue with development the project.